Let Them Eat Cake

Sometimes you just have to eat cake for lunch.


Apparently it’s also advisable to wear it on your pants when you’re done.

Yesterday was incredible at Revolution. We celebrated our third birthday as a church, had baptism, food, games, (and cake).

I reflected a little on our first time at Revolution yesterday. What I remembered was that stinky gym, but it actually goes back to a series of divine appointments before that. A little over three years ago, a friend from our years in College Station (who had conveniently moved to our town at that time) retweeted a pastor who was planting a church and had mailers that were incorrect. We offered to help.

A month or so later (with less than a thought about that church–I don’t even know if we knew its name–in the meantime), the same friend told us about a preview service that church was hosting. We agreed to go with them. The sermon was called Naughty or Nice (it was around Christmastime); I can still remember the graphic. This church in the stinky gym was so different from any church we had ever been to. We loved it. We have ever since. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. We have been growing and being challenged in such amazing ways. I am so grateful for the move of God that is Revolution Church and what it’s done in our lives. 

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