Who’s on your Shelf?

This year, Baby Gray is, as expected,  quite a bit more into Christmas. He still doesn’t quite get it all, but if we let it, it could turn into a consumer holiday very quickly around here. We want to focus on Christ, the real reason for the season.

Early in the Christmas season, Baby Gray was given an Elf on the Shelf. Mr. Gray and I weren’t quite sure how we wanted to proceed with the little guy. Basically, I introduced him, Baby Gray named him, and we called it done. I wasn’t comfortable using him to “watch” Baby Gray for Santa. So I did a little looking. 

As I figured, we’re not the only family who wants Christmas to be fun and Christ-centered (that’s not a dichotomy; it doesn’t require picking one or the other). So for this year, we have Teddy, our elf, and we are doing a few things to teach him–at Baby Gray’s level–about Christ. As a matter of fact, Baby Gray has told several people his name is Jesus since that’s a lot of what we talk about with the elf. Oops! Next year, I’ll be more prepared, and we’ll kick it up a notch.


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