Up, Up, and Away!

I remember when I was in college, I always wanted Granddaddy to get a helicopter so I didn’t have to drive the long drive each Thursday and Sunday (sometimes early Monday morning) between Mr. Gray and I (2.5 hours when he was still in high school; 5 hours when he was playing baseball at Alvin). Granted, it was more of a fantasy than anything; I don’t think I ever even told Granddaddy about it. It would have been nice, though. Also noteworthy: I’ve never been in a helicopter, much less driven one. I just knew it would be efficient, though.

Yesterday, as I laid in bed recovering from Baby Gray and Mr. Gray’s stomach bug, that apparently no amount of Lysol could fend off I got a text from T-Paw: 


I told him I was sick and I’d call Monday. He called to tell me they had a helicopter scheduled to come to The Ranch. Mr. Gray and Baby Gray had just walked out the door, so I called them to let them know. They came back, changed clothes, and headed that way. 

All Set

Baby Gray rode in a seat all by himself with his own headset and everything. I am so proud of him!


He’s usually pretty cautious, but he went right up in that helicopter! He came home and told me all about it.

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