I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

Four days is a lot of weekend! Wow. We covered a lot of miles and enjoyed every minute of it! 

We kicked off the cooking and baking with a little mishap where I keep my serving pieces. Follow that up with four days sans light in the guest bathroom and laundry room, and I’ll just be grateful we were gone the majority of those days. 


We had a blast at Aunt Cookie’s house with a house full of people and way too much food! 


Somehow during dinner conversation, we ended up with tickets to the t.u. game. Good news for us, though; Mr. Gray and I are now 3-0 at DKR. We’ll take it. 


Then it was off to Dallas to catch up with Dr. Suz and do a little ice skating! Maybe Baby Gray’s got a future in hockey. 


Saturday marked our last home game, and we finally had football weather. It was perfect! Plus, we got a big win over Mizzou, so that helped. (HeisManziel, anyone?) 


A little night driving got us home in time to be back for Rev! 


Finally, finally, it was time for Christmasday! We headed to get our tree after church and lunch at one of our favorites; the boy had a blast once he woke up



We found the perfect tree and headed home. 


Unfortunately, our tree stand was MIA when we dug everything out of the attic. 


We did a little decorating redneck style in the interim. Even more unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo (even after Mr. Gray reminded me) of our Christmas tree in our sweet little vintage ice chest in our living room. The rest of the house looked great, though. 

I always love unwrapping each piece that belonged to Grammie and picturing her doing the same many years ago. This time of year always makes me a little nostalgic remembering my sweet grandparents. 


Mr. Gray and Baby Gray did a little bulb-fixin’ Monday to get everything in tip-top shape!


The Grays are ready for Christmas!

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