Cool Styles

The cooler weather presents many opportunities for mixing and matching all sorts of apparel! Baby Gray didn’t let any opportunities go to waste this week. 

Gotta have your socks with your frog shoes for the cold. 


And a ribbon necklace, too! 


It’s also important to look cute in the case of asking for chips; moms love to say yes to the cute ones! 


He picked out this outfit and wore it all day yesterday. The pants are size 18 months, and they’re about 5 inches too short.


Even in public. I was totally that mom with the kid in the weird clothes and the teachable moments all throughout Walgreens while we waited on them to fix our photos.


We had some hand-me-down 3T jammers that I was able to leave the feet in and twist to keep the zipper in the back. He hadn’t had feet on in so long, he cried and told me they were “scary, Mama.” 


Here are a few forgotten photos from last week that were on my camera card: 

Yeah, that’s a feed bucket. When in Rome. 


I was being a creeper with the camera; he was done. 


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