All Aboard for Halloween Fun!

This boy had a fun Halloween–from eating making treats with Mama all day to trick ‘n treatin’ to the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown before bed. He was livin’ it up. 

Trick n Treat

We had a fun night with friends–no tricks, all treats! 


And treats there were! 



We took some FrankenBites for his friends’ trick-or-treat buckets and some FrankenPudding, too. Baby Gray loved helping me sort the Froot Loops and M&Ms for the FrankenBites. I think we’ve got the color green down! 

The FrankenBites would have been super easy, but my printer decided not to be helpful, so it took me a bit more time to rig up some hand-done closures for the bags. Overall, though, they were a hit and could be modified for anything! 


You will need: 
Green Froot Loops 
Green M&Ms
Brown M&Ms 
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Pretzel sticks 

  • Put the desired amount of each into a bowl
  • Mix so the colors are evenly dispersed
  • Scoop into snack sized bags
  • Tie, zip, or close
  • Garnish with a cute tag! 

The pudding was so fun and easy! The biggest thing here is not to make the eyes and scar too high, for fear of running out of pudding before there is enough to share. 


I also took a cue from my latest chicken-shredding find for crushing the Oreos–no more pieces stuck in the blender or food processor! 

Oreo Smash



I mixed up the pudding, filled the cups, and topped with the Oreos for our super cute snack! 




You will need: 
2 boxes instant vanilla pudding (large) 
6 cups milk
1/2 package Oreos (remove filling) 
Green food coloring
6 ounce clear cups
Black Sharpie or permanent marker

  • Draw faces on the cups (don’t make them too high, or it uses too much pudding too quickly); set aside 
  • Add the cookie pieces of the Oreos (the filling makes the crumbs too sticky to work well) to mixer and crush; set aside
  • Mix pudding as directed, adding food coloring to tint (I mixed with the whisk attachment in my mixer) 
  • Scoop pudding into cups, covering the “face” with green
  • Top with Oreo crumbs; sprinkle to the face side first to make the “hair” 
  • Enjoy! 

After a long day of gymnastics (did I mention he had gym–and a lollipop–first thing?), making, and snacking, this boy was ready to get his jammers on and head home. 


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