My Baby You’ll Be

Last night, I tucked in my one year old for the last time. 
Last Night
This morning, a sweet two year old boy was in his place. 
Birthday Boy
While it seems silly to define it that way, I have noticed so many differences the past few weeks. Our sweet boy is growing up. I could go on and on about what he does and doesn’t do, how much he’s grown, the smiles he brings, and all the hilarious stuff he says, but I’d rather just be present.
Robert Munsch pretty much nailed it–with the exception of the creepy mom sneaking in the window, of course. I won’t be doing that.
We read this last night, with my baby snuggled in my arms. It was such a sweet time. We ended the night with, “How old will you be when you wake up tomorrow?” 
“TWO!” he said.
And he is. Today he is two and we are even more in love with him than we were on this precious day two years ago.


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