Fashionably Funny

This week’s Fashion Friday is exceptionally long since last Friday was dedicated to the wedding. I love his outfits! 

Oh, ga-gases. They’re a must! 


This stud muffin is ready to swim. 

Swim Lessons

He’s not always such a cool cat, though… 

Nerd Pants

What? Your mustache doesn’t grow on your neck? 


Don’t be fooled, he’s no karate master–he’s shouting, “Mi–ins!” and showing them off. Mind you, this was the week it was 100+ everyday. 


Lady Liberty stuck around even after the Fourth was gone. She died an untimely death by toddler this week, though. 

Lady Liberty

After quite a battle, he did finally remove the helmet for a bath. 


Our little frat baby. 

Frat Baby

It wouldn’t be Fashion Friday without a bucket on the head! 


I wasn’t fast enough to catch the shoe box hat. 

Box & Boots

Left? Right? Two sizes too small? Trivial issues.


Such a handsome boy. 

Big Kid

Football season is still over 40 days away (who’s counting?), but this boy wanted his Aggie count shirt while he sang the War Hymn this week.

Aggie Count

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