Shootin’ the Breeze

It’s no secret my family loves guns, shooting, and such. We’ve spent many afternoons at The Ranch “shooting skeet” (which we’ve learned is sort of a misnomer for what we do) and competing. Luckily for T and L, the high school in our hometown started having a shooting team a few years ago (with quite a bit of urging from Uncle J and company). 

Currently, there is one big high school shooting competition each year. Yesterday, Baby Gray and I headed to San Antonio to check it out.

We attempted ear protection, but it only lasted through a station or two (there are twelve). 

Ear Muffs

After that, we resorted to playing in the dirt and drinking water, picking flowers, and socializing with Will Mill. 





They finished up sporting clays yesterday, and they’ll shoot trap this morning. I’m sad to miss trap (it’s my favorite), but I’m glad we finally made it to part of the competition.

Miss A

I’ll be standing by for today’s results.

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