Does Everybody Know What Time it Is?

It’s time for Fashion Friday! 
Baby Gray has been lovin’ the water. Every time we go swim, he calls his floatie his fwim foo. It’s the cutest thing. I haven’t been able to get him to understand that the float part isn’t his swim suit.
Fwim Foo
Ha! He loves his daddy’s boots and my hat. This is a pretty common outfit.
Hat & Boots
Let me set the stage for this last one a little. Baby Gray does not like to wear his ear muffs, well his hemet as he calls them, when I actually need him to wear them. They were in the car earlier this week, though, and he asked to put them on. I helped him and then got it and off we went. 
A block or so later, I caught him in my rear view mirror. 
I was doing my best to drive and take photos all while laughing hysterically before he noticed me.


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