Sweet Repeat

Christmas morning, I tried baking bacon for the first time.

Since, I have done it several times. Last night, I did it again. The boys enjoyed the show. I enjoyed not being popped with bacon grease. 


  • Start with a cool oven and cool baking sheets
    • I lined mine with foil because I was using my good jelly roll pans and didn’t want to have to hand wash a big mess later (there are very few things I exclude from the dishwasher; my jelly roll pans are in that elite group) or have permanently baked on bacon residue. 
    • I have since made it without the foil lining on an old pan and thrown it in the dishwasher. I haven’t had any problems with it sticking. 
  • Lay the bacon flat on the sheets
  • Put the baking sheets into the oven and turn it on 400 degrees
  • Check the bacon at 17 minutes; I usually let mine go closer to 19
  • When you are pleased with the crispness of your bacon, take it off the pan and put it onto a paper towel-lined dish

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