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Using correct grammar and punctuation is kind of a big deal to me. When I write things, even my typo-ridden tweets, I take grammar and punctuation rules into account. I usually won’t write it if I don’t have a rule to back it up (even the wrong rule, apparently). This week’s debate? 

Couple’s Shower
Couples’ Shower
Couples Shower

I have been against couple’s shower all along. I knew it wasn’t a shower belonging to one couple, despite the choices invitation websites are full of. However, I would have laid my life down (or probably not) backing couples’ shower as correct; I have an email account full of planning correspondence to prove it. Thought process? It is a shower that belongs to the couples (plural) being invited.

The better answer? It’s a couples shower. Couples is being used as a descriptor, rather than a possessive. Couples is describing the type of shower. It’s a shower for couples to attend. 


If you need me, I’ll be rethinking my apostrophe usage–and emailing my invitation designer.


  1. As a fellow grammar stickler, I must weigh in and say…


    Way to blow my mind!

    My vote? I'm going with "couples shower." I agree that we can all let it be a descriptor and ignore the possessive altogether.

    I wanna see what these invites look like when you're done!

  2. That's what the etiquette rules I found seem to say as well as any technical writers/proofreaders I was able to find to weigh my decision. That's what I went with: couples shower. It pains me a little to think of where I have made this error previously. I'm coming to terms.

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