Unsolved Mysteries

Here’s the case I present to you: 
Thursday morning, we were going about our usual routine when I heard a CRASH! and a WAIL! I quickly headed toward the living room (I had stepped into our bedroom) and met Baby Gray in the doorway; he was crying and reaching for me. I started surveying the room to try and figure out what happened. As I pick him up, I notice he’s sopping wet. 
Exhibit A: 


That’s a terrible iPhone photo of the fourth kind, but it’s a photo of his sippy cup, which by its disassembled state, was obviously the CRASH! I heard. The glare-filled areas of the photo are water. 
Exhibit B:


This is my son, covered from head to toe, front and back, in water. He’s crying, a hurt, wailing cry. No blood, no bruises, no missing teeth, just a few tears.


While we can neither confirm nor deny this hypothesis, the best information we have asserts that Baby Gray threw the sippy cup, causing the CRASH! to ring through the house. The cup opened, causing Exhibit A. Baby Gray slipped in the water displayed in Exhibit A, causing the WAIL! Presumably, Baby Gray slipped and fell on his back and rolled to his stomach to stand up, causing Exhibit B.

If you have any information regarding this case, please disregard. We’ve recovered.

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