Too Much of a Good Thing

… is still too much. While I tend to be an extremist and perfectionist in a few areas, I really, honestly believe that in most aspects, balance and moderation is the way to go, even the areas I don’t always practice it myself
Craving a piece of cake? Eat a bite or two. Want to go shopping? Buy yourself something inexpensive and practical–aside from diapers or groceries. The more balance you have, the less likely you are to go crazy when you do get to “splurge” a little. Why do you think Dave Ramsey works? He teaches practical, balanced steps that are do-able. He offers the give some, save some, and spend some model (it’s Biblical; it’s been around a while). Same with Weight Watchers; it teaches you how to eat through portion control and balance. If you want to save up some points, you can eat some cake. That’s real life–give a little, take a little.

Prime Rib

I have trouble getting behind an all or nothing mentality–especially when it has one-sided preaching along with it. I like to see both sides, weigh my options, and make an educated decision from there. Live within your means; eat to live. Don’t be controlled and consumed by things of this world. 

A note: I am not in any way affiliated with Dave Ramsey or Weight Watchers.

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