Hot Off the Griddle!

Mr. Gray loves blueberry pancakes. I do not. I do like to make them for him, though. One of his biggest restaurant pet peeves is that they don’t always put the blueberries inside the pancakes. Maybe they don’t know this little trick for great-looking blueberry pancakes. 

Prepare the pancake batter (I use whole wheat mix, egg, applesauce in lieu of oil, milk, and vanilla) as usual. Adjust the consistency by adding more milk or mix to make it a tiny bit thicker than normal. Pour the batter onto the griddle in the size and shape desired. 


Once the batter stops running, drop the blueberries into the pancake. 


Continue to cook as usual, paying careful attention to the center of the pancakes; sometimes the height of the blueberries keeps them from setting all the way through as quickly.

These pancakes turn out perfect! They are circles, sans lumps, with blueberries throughout. The aesthetic success rate is much higher than with the mix-the-blueberries-in-and-pour-straight-onto-the-griddle method.

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