Coming to Life

Something I’ve never done is read the Bible in its entirety. I’ve done the open-your-Bible-and-point method, the read-what-you-think-you-need method, and the read-from-a-specific-devotional-for-a-while method, but I’ve only gotten bits and pieces using those practices.
Close to the beginning of this year, I was introduced to Bible Gateway, which emails specific parts of the Bible each day for you to read. You can choose the translation, which testament, and I think some other options. I chose to receive some old testament and new testament scriptures each day.
It has been so cool to read as a continuation. My favorite thing has been God’s timing with it. So many scriptures have come to life in messages at C3 or Revolution as I’ve read them. Passages I haven’t paid much attention to in the past have a meaning and a life now.

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