A Quince of Sorts

Baby Gray had his fifteen, yes fifteen, month well baby check-up last week. 
Never again will we go during the holiday time. We didn’t have our regular nurse, and that created a bit of confusion where his vaccinations were concerned. Plus, the nurse who came in to administer them was slower than molasses and made it a terrible experience for him. They were also short-staffed, so I had to hold him while she gave him the vaccines; I hate the feeling of being the “bad guy”. 

Despite all that, he had a great check up! He’s doing well developmentally and physically. He weighs 26 pounds, 4 ounces and is 32 inches long. Those are in the 73rd and 76th percentiles, respectively. His head is a whopping 19.25 inches–the 90th percentile! 
Baby Gray made good use of the paper while we waited. He was lovin’ it! 

Well Baby

Well Baby

Well Baby

In the end, the office did as they always do and made sure I was totally sure about all the vaccines (I didn’t call ahead like I normally do, which added to he confusion). Our actual physician is wonderful; I can’t imagine not loving your pediatrician. 
We made it home with all four band-aids in tact for our photo-op, but Mr. Gray pulled two off before I got them. We had a holographic silver, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and a dinosaur band-aid this time. A nice variety.
A quick comment from my soap box: if you don’t love your pediatrician, find a new one. It makes so much difference when you’re on the same page and they respect your parenting values and ideals.

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