Bump in the Night

Rooster hates loud, grumbling noises. If he even thinks you might be getting the vacuum out, he’s ducking for cover. When we were working on Baby Gray’s floors, he ran out the front door and on down the street because of the whir of the table saw. We got a call about the time we realized he was gone from some folks several blocks away who found him running down the street. 

Fast forward to Tuesday evening. Mr. Gray has been working on painting our front door. When we bought the house, the door was purple (eggplant, plum, anything like that is much too nice for the color that was on our door). 
A year or so ago, we slapped some espresso (by the way that word does not have “express” in it when pronounced; sorry, pet peeve) paint on it and called it done. It still didn’t look great, but it was better than purple.

This weekend, Mr. Gray got some fabulous red paint for the front door! He got started Sunday evening after we put Baby Gray to bed. He primed it, so to speak, and left it. This was how our front door looked all day Monday! Monday evening, he painted the rest, and it was starting to look really good. Unfortunately, it started clumping up a little, so Tuesday evening, he started sanding it down some (with a super noisy electric sander). 
A little while after he finished sanding, my cell phone rang. We hadn’t realized it in all that was going on, but Rooster was gone. Remember that handy dog door Baby Gray was playing with? It only works when we’re home. Rooster can get out of the fence. He was less than a block from home this time, and Mr. Gray went to get him. After we got Baby Gray to bed, Mr. Gray had some more sanding to do.

We locked the dog door this time before the sanding started so Houdini had to stay home. The first place he hid was the bathtub–if you know Rooster, you know something is wrong with him by that alone! The shower curtain was closed and everything; he jumped into the bathtub through the curtain. Then he came running into the kitchen with me. Can you guess what I was doing?

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