Messy, Messy Morning

Those rogue waves we talked about at church Sunday? No, this was nothing like that. It definitely came out of no where, though. 

The morning started off as usual, Baby Gray slept soundly until 7:00 or so, and then it was time for him to eat. He ate in his chair, I made some food to put in the freezer for him, all was going well. Then… BAM! I look over to find Baby Gray playing in his chair. Seems fine, right? The issue here was that I didn’t give him was he was playing with. He discovered it all on his own. 

A quick bath in the sink and lots of bleach later, I’m stuck with a messy wooden high chair. The good news: it’s well finished and sealed. The bad news: bleach would most likely strip the finish. I decide (after calling Mr. Gray multiple times and interrupting his productivity at work) to take it outside and hose it off.

Of course, this happens on the first day with any cloud cover in months. Luckily, the sun came out a little while later and dried it right off! The Texas sun had it ready to go by lunch!

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