Almost There!

I can’t believe it–we’re almost to Baby Gray’s first birthday. I can’t even comprehend. It’s gone by so quickly! 
I’m in full party planning mode. I’ve recruited all my awesome party planning friends and shopped Etsy ’til I dropped. My entertaining closet is filling up with more party supplies and becoming a disaster. I sent Annie into a super shady house in search of the perfect pinata, but we haven’t been able to firm that up yet. His birthday falls on a game weekend (only NINE days, people), so I’m trying to have as much done early as possible. I’ve still got plenty to do, but it’s coming right along! 

Here’s what’s going on at eleven months: 
Baby Gray is…
wearing 12 or 18 month clothes.
working on two more teeth, but they’re not here yet! 
drinking from a sippy cup or straw.
eating two big meals and several snacks each day.
starting to get to be a little pickier about foods.
eating cheese every chance he gets!
still taking two naps most days. 
waving hello and good-bye.
recognizing signs and attempting to mimic (more, eat, milk, water, finished).
lovin’ the dog door! Who knew it could be so fun to put toys outside through a little hole? 
able to close the dog door. He can’t quite snap it, but he can get it on there.

We’re having so much fun watching Baby Gray learn, grow, and change!

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