Circle the Wagons

We have had my old wagon in the attic since we moved into this house. It’s just been hanging out, collecting dust, waiting for someone to ride in it. I’ve asked Mr. Gray several times about getting it down, but then I would always forget about it. 

Yesterday afternoon, we were going to walk over to the recycling bin, and I asked him to get the wagon down for Baby Gray. He didn’t complain once about my spur of the moment idea! He just climbed right on up into the attic and came down with the wagon. 

You can only imagine how much dirt and dust this thing had collected over the years. Mr. Gray cleaned it right up! 

Baby Gray will sit pretty much anywhere you put him, but it usually doesn’t take him long to start exploring. He wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I first sat him in his new ride. 

Rooster really wasn’t sure what I was doing when I put him in there, but Baby Gray was glad to have him! They’re going to be big buddies one of these days. 

They loved their cruise to the recycle bin. We’ll definitely be riding again. Sadly, I couldn’t capture any of Baby Gray’s squeals or laughs in the videos I got; I’m sure this won’t be the last you see of Baby Gray, Rooster, and the wagon.

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  1. Compared to Josh the wagon looked tiny but then BG and Rooster were "just a fit"! I suspect it's a lot cooler and BG can see a lot more than from the stroller. Rooster was certainly being the "scout". Good dog!

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