Run For It

This weekend, Mr. Gray had to work a 5K run sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in our hometown. He asked me a while back if I wanted to run since he needed to be there anyway. I eagerly signed up–and forgot about it. I ran at the Blue Bell Race (early April) and then I ran a mile or so one afternoon after that. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about Saturday. Plus, I was going to be jogging with people I know; I don’t like that at all. I prefer to run slowly anonymously. 

Friday I set my goal at 45 minutes–ridiculous. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping, realistically, to come in at about 42 minutes, or 13 minutes per mile. That isn’t what I’d like to run, but it was what I thought my body might be capable of with no training. I dropped Baby Gray off with Nonna and headed downtown. 

Way too many people I knew were there for my comfort zone. It was also a weird mix of people, so I couldn’t decide to pick as my “pace person” (yes, I judge people at the starting line and pick who will be a good pace person for me there–I’m usually right). My main goal is always to run jog the whole thing, regardless. This was the first time I haven’t done that (even in high school). I had to stop and walk about three-sets of thirty steps. My right foot went numb at almost two and a half miles (according to my phone). I tried the walking so I could wiggle my toes and try to alleviate it, but it didn’t work, so I just finished ran it out. 
 I finished in 37:29–a personal best. I averaged 12:18 per mile, which is still slow, but it’s an improvement for me! I got second in my age division (I didn’t ask how many were in it, and I won’t because it was a small race). I was definitely pleased. 

By the way, my foot is fine. I cut my toe that Thursday and had a band-aid on it; apparently it was too tight! I pulled my shoe off right as I crossed the finish line and got rid of the band-aid. All was well after that!

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