Memorable Memorial Day

Today was such a fun day! 

Baby Gray and I met Pops and Mr. Gray for lunch in our hometown. Baby Gray was the star of the show in the restaurant. We had so many people come over to speak to us or comment on how cute he was (I happen to think he’s cute, too). He had the tables around us cracking up as he squealed for more food in between bites. He’s eating up a storm now, by the way. Anything and everything. As fast as I can get it in his mouth.

After lunch, we did a little swimming. Baby Gray had his first swimming experience the weekend of MK’s graduation (the photos from that weekend are a whole ‘nother story; one day I’ll actually write about that). Last time we swam, Baby Gray was super tired and didn’t really enjoy it. 

This time he had much more fun until I put on his sunglasses, which he didn’t really care for. He played with his ball, splashed, kicked, and had a great time!

Baby Gray was having so much fun when Mr. Gray was throwing him!  I hated that I didn’t have the camera ready for the first few. 

We were less than a block away from the pool when I looked in my mirror and saw Baby Gray was crashed. He slept all the way home, and then some. What a sweet, sleepy boy!

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