Jammer Days (And Nights)

Having a four-month old at home changes your perspectives and priorities… you know, just a little. 
Spending summers at home when I was teaching was always enjoyable. It was rare, though, that I was actually at home. Most summers I got a job (or two) to keep me occupied. I still got up and got dressed each day. On the off chance that I did stay home, I would at least put on some clothes so the neighbors thought I was up and about when I stepped outside to get the mail. 
Last week, I saw for sure that things had changed around here. Wednesday was Baby Gray’s four-month well baby check-up. With the weather, we went straight home after getting his new stuff for his skin. We didn’t leave the house again (or get out of our jammers) until Saturday afternoon. That is so unlike me. However, it was nice. 
We hung out and played all day. We practiced rolling over and laughing our big laugh. When Mr. Gray got home, we ate some food and did our night time routine, just as if we had been out and about all day. The beauty was it had just been Baby Gray and me all that time–getting to know each other a little bit better each day!

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