Itchy & Scratchy

Our visit to the doctor this morning went well. We had a new nurse, and I really liked her. She has a baby who was born a couple of weeks before Baby Gray, so I’m thinking she may have been on maternity leave the other times we’ve been there. I’m hoping she is actually Dr. Miller’s nurse from here on out. 
The nurse was very careful to make sure we were doing only the vaccinations I was comfortable with; she brought them all in, went over them with me, verified brands for me, etc. She was great! I addressed my concerns with Baby Gray scratching his forehead with her, and she suggested a few things I had already tried as well as the mittens. I also asked her about the age recommendation for starting to jog with Baby Gray in the jogging stroller (no, it’s not here yet; thanks for asking). The nurse left that for Dr. Miller to address.
Dr. Miller wasn’t even in the exam room door good, and she told me Baby Gray’s forehead (along with a couple of spots on his elbows and knees) was itchy from baby eczema. I had a suspicion from a few articles I had read, but by the time I read the articles our appointment was so close I decided to just have her check on it then. She suggested all fragrance free soaps and lotions as well as a specific cream to knock out the irritation initially. I got all of that on my way home. 
Otherwise, we had a great appointment. He weighed in at 16 pounds, 2 ounces, which is in the 57th percentile. He is 25 1/4 inches long, which is in the 69th percentile. His head is a whopping 17 inches! He was in the 70-something percentile with that one. Developmentally, he is doing wonderfully. He’s tracking with his eyes, looking for sounds, and rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy (inconsistently, but enough to make me watch him closely on the changing table and such). He was able to do everything the nurse wanted him to do. He is so fun to interact with! 
When it was time for his shots, the nurse came back in to administer them. She was so fast; Baby Gray only cried for about two seconds. He was fine after that. Two blue camo band-aids later, we headed home! 
On my way to pick up the cream that Dr. Miller suggested, I remembered I had several un-opened baby soaps at home that were now on our do-not-use list. I decided to run by the house and get those so I could exchange them for the stuff I needed and some fragrance free soap. When I got close to the house, I started trying my garage door, but it wouldn’t open. Our electricity was off from the rolling blackouts. I got into the house, got the soaps and headed to WalMart (it’s still one of my least favorite places on earth, but the return policy is wonderful) to exchange Baby Gray’s bath items.

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  1. My son (14.5 months old) has eczema too, and it's such a pain! He gets big rashes on his elbows, knees and the backs of his thighs! It makes me so sad.

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