I’d Love to be a Foodie…

… but that would require me to remember to take photos while I cook or bake. It also means I probably need to take the photos with my D-SLR instead of my iPhone 4. Just a thought. For now, you get iPhone photos and a photo of a semi-sliced loaf of bread because I forgot to take said iPhone photo before beginning to slice. 
Nonna bought us a chili mix for Christmas, so I threw it in the crock pot yesterday morning before I left  to run errands. I almost always have a few boxes of Jiffy cornbread mix in the pantry; I just assumed we’d have that with the chili. 
When I got home, I checked the pantry, but no cornbread mix. I decided to make homemade cornbread–no cornmeal. So I scoured the internet for a bread recipe I could make quickly with Bisquick (I have a strict one-trip-to-the-store-per-week policy). I stumbled upon a recipe for beer bread. 
Bisquick Beer Bread
4 cups Bisquick
4 teaspoons sugar
8 ounces beer (I used Lone Star Light… it was what Mr. Gray had)
  • Mix the three ingredients and put into a greased loaf pan. 
  • Cover and allow to rise until it has doubled in size. 
  • Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. 
As you can see, the recipe is pretty vague. It took my loaf about 10 minutes to rise and 40-50 minutes to bake. Also, 8 ounces of beer makes the dough pretty sticky; it would be a good idea to flour or Bisquick your hands before forming into a loaf shape to put in your loaf pan. 
This was my loaf before I covered it to rise. (Again, a real foodie would have used a real camera and adjusted the light.)
I cheated a little and covered my loaf with the oven vent from the pre-heating oven under the cover with it. Since I wasn’t anticipating baking a loaf of bread, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take to rise, I wanted to aid the process a little. (Thank, Annie, for the new baking cloths; worked like a charm!) 
This is supposed to be the photo of my risen loaf, but the angle I shot from (and the iPhone camera I used) doesn’t really show it. 
This is my finished product! (Plus a little slice I started.) It was so good! We will definitely be making this again.
On a side note, I got to win wife of the night because I frosted a glass and gave the rest of the beer to Mr. Gray when he got home from work. Yay, me!

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