Growing Pains

This has been an eventful week for Baby Gray. Monday he started solids; we started with applesauce. It has been a fun adventure so far! He has really been getting the hang of it each subsequent evening. He ate applesauce every night this week until tonight. We started squash this evening, and he LOVED it! I didn’t get any good photos or videos because Mr. Gray was at the Chamber banquet, so I was solo. In between each bite, Baby Gray would just sit there with his mouth open and wait until I gave him some more. It was so cute! 
In other news, this morning, Baby Gray rolled over–twice. The good part of this is that he’s rolling over, growing up, getting some gross motor skills going on! Unfortunately, this also means no more swaddling for bed. This kiddo is a sleeper! I hope that remains true once we’re sleeping without the swaddle. When he first laid down, he was loving his new freedom! However, he had a much harder time going to sleep tonight than ever before. He’s been down about an hour, and he still isn’t sound asleep like usual. I keep peeking in on him with the video monitor–thank goodness Aunt Cookie got us that! 
This was when I first put him down and he realized he wasn’t swaddled. Silly boy!


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