Put Me Out of My Misery

Today I went to lunch with Baby Gray (i.e., by myself–a huge fear of mine) while our house was being cleaned. I took a few things with me to do at the table, and I just watched people and listened to what was going on around me. 
At one particular table, there was a group of five little old ladies celebrating one of their birthdays. They were all at least 70, probably much older. The “birthday girl” had a desperate need to be the center of attention, and anytime the attention would shift from her, she would begin back in on the same story she had been telling the whole time. Finally, the two ladies at the end of the table began their own conversation and started ignoring her. 
The recurring theme at that table, though, was negativity. No matter what! One complained of how thick the soup was–it was too filling; she had ordered a bowl and couldn’t eat it all (I’m sure had it been a less hearty soup it wouldn’t have been filling enough; she would have wasted her money). One waited too long for her food; couldn’t this place get a better system for ordering and serving the food? (Maybe she shouldn’t have arrived ten minutes after all the other ladies.) One had been in a wreck Monday and was so pleased with the man’s insurance, except that they weren’t going to offer her full coverage because she didn’t call the police at the scene, “I’m 78 years old; I’ve never had a wreck. I though only had to call the police if someone was hurt.” (They all chimed in that since she was in a school zone when the wreck occurred, a police officer should have been present anyway; that was definitely not her fault.)
Regardless of where the conversation went, they had complaints. Now, I am by no means  pleasant all the time, but I am quite grateful for the blessings I have. I have a healthy son, a loving husband, a warm and comfortable home, a safe vehicle to drive, and so much more. God has blessed me beyond measure, and if I ever get to the point where I can no longer recognize that, someone please put me out of my misery!

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