Good Sports

Sunday, we were all at The Ranch (yes, proper noun… that’s its name) hunting, shooting clays, looking at the wildlife, etc. 
T-Paw and Mr. Gray cooked a yummy prime rib roll for dinner, and we celebrated Mr. Gray’s birthday with a chocolate cake, courtesy of T-Paw! While we were eating, I realized Baby Gray needed a photo with his other two cousins. T overheard me talking about it, and when I asked he and L to please take a photo with Baby Gray, T readily grabbed him and said they’d love to. Those boys may be 15 (almost 16–YIKES!) and 13, but they are some awesome kids (I can still call them that). They’re always helpful and willing to do anything any of us need. They also send me sports and hunting updates via text–I love it! 
So here it is, my picture I didn’t even really have to ask for with Baby Gray’s awesome older cousins!

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