One of my very favorite days of the year is, as it is called at our house, Christmasday–the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is the day we cut down our tree (usually trees, but we tried something different this year), get lights on the house, and basically transform the whole house into celebration mode. I collect nativity scenes, so each room in the house has at least one–usually more. I love seeing them out and being reminded why this is such a wonderful, loving time of year!
My favorite tree farm is in Caldwell, so we don’t usually get to go there since we left College Station. Last year, we got our trees from a small farm near Luling, and they were dead long before I was ready to take them down; it was extremely disappointing (and messy). This year, we thought we’d try another farm around our area, but when we got there, the trees all looked like Charlie Brown trees–no thanks! We heard about another farm south of town last year, but we weren’t quite sure where it was, so I looked online and found it. We headed south!
It was almost identical to the farm in Caldwell! I was so excited! Even though we were only getting one tree this year, I was still glad we found one that was pretty! Baby Gray was started to get hungry as we tree-hunted, so we picked one a little more quickly than usual. It’s perfect for our space, though! We will definitely go back to that farm next year!

We did several things differently this year, but, overall, I think everything turned out great! Now it’s time to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and wrap!

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