What I’ve Learned…

I’ve only been a parent for not quite three weeks, and, despite all previous experiences will little ones, I’ve learned a ton already. 
First and foremost, boys are different from girls. From day one. Period. 
Most of the little ones I’ve cared for have been girls. The best method for changing a girl’s diaper is to put the new on under the old one, clean her up, remove the old diaper, and get the new one on quickly and efficiently. However, you ruin a lot of “new” diapers by changing a boy’s diaper that way–he’ll teetee on it every time! Just get the diaper ready, set it to the side, and watch for the sprinkler! 
Baby Gray is also much larger (as you’ve read) than most of his same-age or older (just a little) peers. I’ve learned that it’s ok for boys to be a little bigger–I love that Mr. Gray is such a tall, strong man! We went to lunch with Mrs. S and S-cubed this week, and S-cubed (who is a month older) is about the same size as Baby Gray. I’ll take his size, though, because he eats and sleeps so well. 
I’ve also learned to optimize every minute of every day. Generally, this is a skill I feel like I have always done well. Little did I know, I had much to learn. The way this works best for Baby Gray and I is for me to organize the day’s tasks by priority and go from there. Each nap, I knock off a top priority. When Baby Gray is awake and content, I can hold him and accomplish some other items. (All that crock pot cooking I tried out this summer is coming in handy!)
The most important thing I have learned is what an amazing husband Mr. Gray is. I never had any doubt, but he continues to prove through and through that he is absolutely the best. God could not have given me a better, more caring teammate for life! I am so blessed to have my boys–all of them–Mr. Gray, Baby Gray, and Rooster!

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