Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Today was Baby Gray’s big day.
He got his first (ethical) vaccination today. I was a little apprehensive about the vaccination; I was scared maybe they hadn’t read the pamphlet correctly or something. Before administering the shot, I asked for the patient pamphlet to read and verify with my own eyes that the vaccine being used was made from an animal cell line. 
The nurse was very patient as I read through the information and verified what I wanted to know. When I finally gave her the OK, she had me hold Baby Gray while she administered the shot in his right thigh. She was very gentle and kind (as much as you can be when giving an infant a shot). I appreciated that. Baby Gray was such a tough little guy. He cried for a minute, but as soon as she put the band-aid on and Mama kissed him and rocked him, he was content. He got a dinosaur band-aid this time. 
At least they have cute band-aids when they have to hurt my sweet baby… 
Annie was with us at the doctor, and, as an added comfort, she started a bottle for Baby Gray while I finished asking questions about our two-month vaccinations. I had the nurse bring me all the patient pamphlets for the vaccines that would be used at our next appointment.
As we headed out of the doctor’s office, I asked the nurse if we could weigh my big boy–12 pounds! Wow! (They didn’t measure his length, but he was laying on a quilt this afternoon, and he stretched all the way across four-six inch quilt blocks! He’s about 24 inches long by those (precise) measurements!
When we got to the car, Annie finished giving Baby Gray his bottle while I researched the rest of the vaccination pamphlets. 
That was the first time Baby Gray ate from a bottle during the day. Of course, he’s not into missing meals, so he did just fine! 
Only one of the upcoming vaccinations concerns me, so I will be talking with the pediatrician’s office before we go back. If they can’t find me the alternative, I will have to find an office somewhere that is using it. Hopefully they will continue to be as helpful and understanding as they have been.
Annie had to go back today, so we grabbed lunch before she left for her flight. We can’t wait for her to come visit again.

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