See You in the Funny Papers…

Yesterday Mr. Gray and I had a little date night and went to a local production of Annie. It was amazing–the children in the show were so talented! The little girl who played Annie was in fifth grade, but, boy, could she sing! I had never seen a live production of Annie, so I was quite surprised at the amount of political jargon that was taken out of the movie. I understand why, but it really changed the storyline in some places. Overall, I was really impressed with the whole thing. 
Mr. Gray worked cattle yesterday, so we didn’t have time to go eat dinner before the show. That left us with a myriad of choices once it was over–at 10:30! We ended up at Applebee’s, which isn’t generally a favorite of mine anyway. When we walked in, the hostess had on some Hawaiian garb, as did the rest of the wait staff. This wouldn’t have been so bad if anyone had said, “Hi, welcome to Hawaiian night,” or anything that remotely acknowledged the fact that waiters and waitresses had on swimsuits and grass skirts! To top it off, we were seated right next to the karaoke machine (and its speakers). It really looked like a sad night club scene in a movie–maybe worse. Thank goodness that’s not our normal Saturday night scene!

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